Three Characteristics of a Good Interface Design Tool

Every web developer is faced with a question: which interface design tool to use. There is a great variety of such tools available, and testing a selection and choosing the right one can be a very time-consuming task. Let me outline three main characteristics that a good user interface design tool should have:

  • To begin with, ease of use; even an interface design tool should be user-friendly. It should take a minimum amount of time for any web developer to learn how to navigate it. Every once in a while clients wish to participate in the development process as well so it is helpful if the interface design tool does not require any specific knowledge of programming or web design. A good interface design tool should provide a variety of elements to use, which must be easily operated, for instance, by drag-and-drop.
  • Moreover, good interface design tools must provide options for sharing projects. It is important to be able to invite other team members and allow them to view or edit the project – this enhances collaboration within the team and ensures faster development. A good interface design tool should also allow users to download or save prototypes to send them to clients. The formats of these prototypes must be supported by common software tools. Or, in the case of web-based user interface design tools, they should support all main web browsers. This means that all clients will be able to view them regardless of their browser preferences.
  • Lastly, the interface design tool that has all the above mentioned properties should be reasonably priced. While free interface design tools or free versions of paid interface design tools do exist, most of them do not entirely satisfy the aforementioned criteria or require one to pay extra for full access. The best deal are the interface design tools that allow a free trial period, which would be enough for you to test them and decide for yourself whether or not they are convenient to use and worth paying for.
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